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HengXin dressed appearance in 2010 of the fourth China (Nantong) International Shipbuilding Exposition
Hengxin Group2010-11-12Browse: 2335

Recent years,  Nantong shipbuilding industries develop rapidly and  competitive groups have been formed.  With

2009 China Nantong - Korean ship equipment manufacturing enterprises Communion held at 3:00 p.m. on September 23 in

the Office of Nantong Jinling Overseas Chinese Hotel, Nantong municipal government and the international shipping

community to work together to do a series of feasible. To create the world's future "boat valley" , Nantong marine

equipment industry is facing a rare historical opportunity for the development.

    To this end, October 22nd to 24th 2010 of the fourth grand reform Boat Show moved from Taizhou to Nantong Sports

Exhibition and Conference Center, our exhibitors were invited to participate as a key

    By participating in this exhibition, We’re in the domestic and international market impact and visibility has

been expanded once again, corporate image has been good publicity, and thus open up our domestic and international

markets play a further role in promoting.

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