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Valentine's trip to the island barbecue
Hengxin Group2010-10-20Browse: 2565

      For active corporate culture, rich cultural life of amateur staff, and enhance the cohesion of staff and

administrative personnel department, organized jointly with the Finance シャネルiphone6ケース Department staff to the scenic southern Grand

Canyon - Valentine Island to carry out outdoor barbecue.

      10 October morning, the company will set the gate early to participate in the activities of personnel in this

barbecue, 6:30 branches off the bus on time from the company, in the car you laughing, after more than an hour

away,Quickly to our barbecue destination - Valentine Island.Warm atmosphere at the event, finishing male colleagues

barbecue scene, set up grills, female colleagues took the procurement of raw materials to the stream back to the grill

cleaning.10:30, we happily started the barbecue, have a favorite food on a string, coated with spices, put charcoal on

the grill.Soon, the food aroma to distribute around, attracted everyone appetite.We sip their labor, while working

with colleagues talk about life, and a jolly spectacle.Apart from enjoying nature in, we feel the fun, but also to

experience the team spirit of division of labor.

      Time in this lively atmosphere, quietly goes about 13:00 pm, we have fond, no longer content to stand beside his

little grill, have the leisure walks in the woods beside the trail,Chatting, playing cards, photographs.Usually

Dajiadoumang at work, neglect of the exchange among colleagues, happy to take this opportunity to contact the feelings

getting to know each other.Finally, the background of nature, we group photograph, for this beautiful moment of the

most memorable stay.

      Through this activity, employees are a breath of fresh air in nature, physical training, strengthening the

communication and played a team spirit, inspired the work, passion for life.We have said that activities like this

should be a lot of organizations.

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