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Warmly congratulate our company has been classified as state-level high-tech enterprises
Hengxin Group2011-12-31Browse: 2662
    2011 New Year's eve, good news passed again. Hengxin company received prepared by the National Science and Technology Ministry, the

Provincial Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, Internal Revenue Service, the Inland Revenue Department assessed the

implementation of the 2010 national high-tech enterprises, identification valid for three years. This is our glorious history and a milestone in the

company will greatly promote independent innovation and R & D process. In the future, our company will focus on through the protection ofシャネルiphone6ケース

intellectual property, increase research investment, personnel training team to build a new technological innovation system, to enhance the core

competitiveness of enterprises, enrich the innovation potential for further development for the sustainable development of enterprises to provide a

strong Technical support.
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