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Zhejiang Hengxin half-year sales Meeting in 2011
Hengxin Group2011-07-04Browse: 3201

"Asked him what so clear, as there is water flowing." in the first Clearing Summer season, at the beautiful Lake Crescent. Zhejiang Hengxin Ship Equipments Co.,Ltd began its first half of 2011 sales meeting in the "days of the Qing Island Holiday hotel" .

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The meeting was presided over the director of the market, Mr. Jiang Xiaobing,. Meeting reviewed and summed up the first half of 2011 sales and reimbursement, noting that the current market situation, marketing of the outstanding issues, focusing on the deployment of the second half of the sales strategy.
   At the meeting, Deputy vice General Manager,Yan Yuzeng, reviewed the first half of this year of the company's overall sales performance, sales and regional reviews were accurate, and pointed out the shortcomings and the need to take adequate measures, and industry market trends, made the second half of the overall depth analysis of market strategy

  At the meeting, Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Jiang Guangyao made an important speech. He said, "Over the past six months, all the marketing staff of the company to take the initiative, overcome difficulties, internal and external coordination, achieved good results." But as a whole and in the long run, changing the market post-crisis era, the situation is extremely severe, the industry is fiercely competitive. He pointed out that "in the second half of the work, to focus on potential customers, especially the development of major clients. Do fine quality of products and services, take the product and service quality as a top priority, let the customer because Hanson cooperation and reassured and happy. to further enhance the "Hanson" brand's core competitiveness, we should really Hanson stronger, bigger. “He vigorously expands domestic and foreign markets, focusing on the development of potential customers, and future deep-seated problems of the industry made a subtlety to the analysis, and strengthen the sales team building, etc. was required. He hoped that the marketing staff to discuss measures, perseverance, strengthen communication, work hard and strive to accomplish the goals this year.
     At the meeting, depth exchange with the sales team of brother enterprise " Zhejiang Wantong Heavy Industries' And to a agreement intention of "complement each other, sharing resources and seeking win-win"


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