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Harbin Engineering University and Hengxin
Hengxin Group2011-11-24Browse: 4412
November 21st, 2011 Linhai "the introduction of high-level personnel project-cum-military scientific and technological cooperation project signing ceremony" at the Overseas Chinese Hotel. State Ministry of Military and civilian Promotion Division, vice chief, Feng Jingxuan, , national defense science and technology to promote scientific and technological achievements into industrial research center party secretary Zhang Maochun, deputy director of Provincial Science and Technology Department Manager, Wang Hongli, National Defense Science and Industry Provincial Office Director Wang Weimin,Taizhou the Secretary for Science and Technology, Xu Yougen, and other higher authorities more than 100 leaders and guests attended, city leaders Ke Xin Ye, Jiangbingfeng, WangYi Lang, Shishi Xiong, Zhao Yichun, Zhou Mengde, Kewan Ying, He Zhizhong, Ke Jianping, Chen Hengzhi, attended the signing ceremony. Signing ceremony was witnessed by Vice Mayor Chen zhiheng.

Our company signed the project with Harbin Engineering University, established the "Building innovative carrier." This has laid a good foundation for the future development of our industry.

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