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Warmly congratulation of the 5S management Assembly holding of the victory
Hengxin Group2014-03-15Browse: 3734
   In March 12th of 2014, in the 5th floor multi-functional hall of the office building, held a grand, grand 5S management start assembly. Reviewing the development of the company, from a small workshop of several people, after twenty years of efforts, today's Hengxin has more than 60000 square meters modern workshops, hundreds of staff scale enterprises , quite not easy, has made brilliant achievements. Of course, Hengxins development to this stage, we found that self examination, management is also inadequate; in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market, the more high-end customers, enter the marine national strategic industry, we must improve their management capacity, improve product quality, to safer, more reliable products to win customer trust;


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In order to realize the second take-off of Hanson, enhance the management level of the company, we introduced the famous Jianfeng business group from Taiwan, and signed three year management consulting project with strategic management; and this 5S management is our first project start.


5S management start assembly finally achieved success and reflected the company's will, we have the confidence and determination, under the leadership of the company management team, in the joint efforts of the staff, will complete the outstanding 5S management.

Taiwan Jianfeng management group counseling 5S meeting is about to begin soon, all the employees is on their seats!, neat and orderly table; the discipline and warm atmosphere, the employee was in fine Fig.

5S meeting officially began! Process host Introduced Company and introducing 5S management of the inherent requirements.

General Manager and 5S chairman issued mobilization speech, and put forward the objectives and requirements of 5S management, the company was in good development and prospects were also described! Our corporation is to realize the second take-off.

The general director of the 5S required all aspects of the specific practice of 5S management, requirements, adhere to the pragmatic, details, the requirements of the general director will be strictly enforced.

All the staff certification listening and applause!

The teacher comes from Taiwan Jianfeng management group, counseling teacher Lin Ruiyuan, giving us a wonderful 5S training, the 5S meaning, function, method are introduced in detail. Thanks teacher Lin.

Teacher Lin is doing 5S training.

The staff was in the oath, under the leadership of general director, all staff to stand up, for the serious oath. This is reflected in our Hengxin staff determination. The 5S team will get victory of 5S management!!!

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